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Asia Hope Camp Group (ACOPIA) is consists of Asia Hope Camp Organization, Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum (KJ Forum) and Korea Plaza Hiroba.


Korea Plaza Hiroba is a corporation that conducts the international exchange programs which KJ Forum and Asia Hope Camp Organization hold. It was established to make their income and expenses transparent and to clarify their taxation. Korea Plaza Hiroba helps KJ Forum and Asia Hope Camp Organization to run independently and keeps their budget clear. It also manages Fair Trade which is a program focused on international exchange business between Korea and Japan as well as Tourism. It is a social enterprise. The three organizations use and share one bank account named ACO.


About Us

1. Past achievements of Korea-Japan Forum


The Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum (Korea-Japan Forum) is a non-profit organization established in 1999. It was registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea in 2003. Since the beginning, it has worked to improve Korea and Japan relations facilitating the exchange of opinions and information. In order to discuss Japan-Korea related issues, the Korea-Japan Forum has coordinated different conferences such as the Korea-Japan Journalist Forum and the Korea-Japan Politicians Forum.


As an another example of our achievements, right after the tsunami hit Northeast of Japan in 2011, we immediately began recruiting volunteers in South Korea to support the recovery of the affected areas in Miyagi, Northeast of Japan. We eventually succeeded in bringing 50 volunteer Korean students to assist in the work of recovery. This whole process was filmed as a documentary and broadcasted in South Korea. We witnessed that, despite strained governmental relations, the proof of an unbreakable tie of friendship exists between two countries.


Since 2010, once a year during the summer, the Korea-Japan Forum has been holding a volunteer opportunity for Korean and Japanese high school students at the Izumo shore in the Shimane Prefecture. Our partner organization in Japan is the International Section of Shimane prefecture office. We have selected 20 applicants in Korea and have planned to hold a workshop once a month from April to June. The workshop will consist of 3 parts: Global environment, Volunteer, and International exchange. Each group will study individually for each topic.


Nowadays, we regularly hold cultural exchanges and camp programs throughout the year in Japan and South Korea. We also introduce opportunities for paid and unpaid internships.

2. New attempt: Asia Hope Camp


Since 2011 we have focused our efforts on a new project for international youth called Asia Hope Camp. The slogan of this project is "Beyond natural disasters, to the world, to the future,". For this project, we are working in cooperation with several other Japanese and Korean organizations.


Our organization has the following goals for the Asia Hope Camp:


① World volunteer map: A project created by Korean teenagers to show volunteer opportunities around the world. Many teenagers in Korea have already expressed interests in this project. 

② Free exchange of ideas: we would like to increase our interactions with other international volunteer organizations in the world in order to facilitate information and culture exchange. 

③ Breaking barriers through volunteerism: The aim of this project is not only about providing more opportunities for young Japanese and Koreans to interact and find common ground by working together but also about helping poverty and damaged regions in Asia.


Furthermore, peace in Asia cannot be accomplished by the will of Asian nations alone. We do not restrict participation only to those of Asian nationalities. We welcome people from all over the world. We hope to take new steps in our mutual journey this year, and in the future as well.



Since 2012, Asia Hope Camp is aimed towards building a new promising history of the Asian countries through constant exchanges.


Asia Hope Camp acted quickly gathering successfully a big number of Korean volunteers who worked in Miyagi throughout a year after the earthquake.


Our volunteer activities have attracted Korean and Japanese people so far, but the nature of these work is without borders. In a globalized world, we believe it is necessary to gather people from a variety of nationalities. Therefore, our goal is to make Asia Hope Camp a truly International Work Camp.


Through our International work camps, we work in order to improve the living conditions of different communities. We seek to mitigate social and environmental problems such as inadequate welfare, agriculture failures or environmental degradation. Also, we create friendship, mutual understanding, and bonds that go beyond our differences by working together with locals and people from different parts of the world. We hope that each contribution we make in every community would develop a route to world peace.


In addition, we are organizing an “International Work Camp for Korean World Heritage” that will take place in August and November. Recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, this public activity has received government subsidies.



In order to introduce our work to the world, and to lead a meaningful fruit in the International Work Camp, we need cooperation from people like you who share common purposes and passions. We also want to improve ourselves to an upper level with your kind help and advice. 


The new era of international exchange and cooperation is inevitable. Our important role in here is to think how to do it. We sincerely hope to take a part in building a peaceful society.

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