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Asia Hope Camp Organization is part of Asia Hope Camp Group (ACOPIA) which also includes Korea Japan Society and Culture Forum (KJ Forum) and Korea Plaza Hiroba.


ACOPIA started in 1999 and took a new path in 2011 by introducing Asia Hope Camp, which aims to facilitate exchange and cooperation in Korea, Japan, and other countries across the world.

We organize international work camps and conduct activities that facilitate international exchange such as language classes, multicultural classroom, K-pop camps and homestay program.


The organization has successfully organized more than 50 work camps since its establishment.  

Our team is composed of young and dynamic members from across the world. Each member manages one or more projects related to the organization of camps and events.


We currently have 15 employees and 10 interns.



Build your career with us

Asia Hope Camp Organization provides an internship program that will allow newly-graduated or current undergraduate/graduate students to enhance their knowledge, improve their skills, and build networks which may be relevant in their career path.


About the internship program

Asia Hope Camp Organization’s internship program provides high school students, university students and fresh graduates first hand experience working in an NGO. After the program, interns are expected to develop knowledge and skills in organization, research, partnership, knowledge exchange, and leadership.


Work description

The intern will mainly be assigned in one of the following projects: work camp and K-POP camp, multicultural classroom (1:1 Language class), language culture exchange program, ACOPIA House, and Internship. However, the intern may also work for other projects if needed.  







1. Work camp and K-pop Camp

- Promotion of work camp and K-pop camp 
- Logistic support during the camp

 - Forming partnership with organizations from home country






2. Multicultural gathering and language exchange program

- Introduce your country to Korean and foreigner students

- 1:1 language lessons with Korean students






3. ACOPIA House 

- Promotion of ACOPIA House (Homestay, Boarding House and Share House) to foreigners







4. Internship

- Overseas internship promotion and response




5. Cafe 

- Serve drinks and cook native meals at ACOPIA Cafe




6. Others 

- Translation & maintenance of the website and social networking sites 
- Creation of social media content

- Other international activities in line with the organization's work





- High school or university student (Undergraduate or graduate) 

- Proficient in English (Knowledge in Korean and/or Japanese is widely appreciated as they are the basic languages used in the office)

- Knowledgeable in using Microsoft Office and Internet

- Knowledge and skills in Marketing, Web Design and Digital Communication are preferred

- Able to work with minimal supervision 

- Positive working attitude; able to relate well with people from different cultures


Working conditions


- Interns will be working under the supervision of the team member handling a specific project. 

- The workplace will be in Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The office is 5 minutes away from Hongik University Staion Exit 2.

- The number of working days is flexible, but it will be 4 days a week. Working time is at least 6 hours per working day. Lunch break is excluded in the working hours. (10am~5pm / 2pm~9pm including 1 hour break)

- The internship is unpaid and not funded. 

- Interns are required to write a personal evaluation essay following their first month of internship. This essay combines their expectations, experiences and impressions about working in ACOPIA. The interns shall answer an evaluation form

and update their essay at the end of the internship.

- The essay has to be 2 pages long using an A4 sized-paper and must include 5 pictures of himself/herself.

- Internal information about ACOPIA such as information of clients must not be used in non-business matters and must not be released in public

even after the internship period. The intern is not allowed to give his/her personal information to clients that he/she meets

during the internship. Clients who want to keep in touch with interns should contact ACOPIA via ACOPIA's official email and contact numbers. Likewise, interns shall communicate with clients via the official email accounts and contact numbers of ACOPIA. 


※ ACOPIA Internship Program is operated independently by the intern's effort while working at ACOPIA.


Benefits of Interning at ACOPIA


1. Basic Korean language one-on-one class: 1 session per week (2 hours)

2. K-pop Dance lessons: 2 classes per week (2 hours)

3. Free participation at monthly cultural exchange party

4. Birthday cake

5. Free coffee everyday

6. Working in a café near Hongik University everyday

7. Opportunities of visiting middle, high schools, and universities

8. Certificate and ACOPIA badge as proof of working with ACOPA Lifelong Education Center and Asia Hope Camp Organization

9. Working with other interns from different countries & staying in a women-only shared house


Merit of Multicultural Class


This merit system aims for interns to earn merit points every time they facilitate a multicultural (language) class. Each intern will be given a merit card and each language class they give (which lasts for 2 hours) will earn them 1 merit point. By the end of the month, to express our gratitude for the interns, the accumulated merit points in the card will be converted into an actual currency (1 merit=₩3,000) and the cash will be given to the interns as an appreciation.



Duty Staff Work


While working at ACOPIA, interns will be expected to participate at least once a week on staff activities. During these work days, interns will be responsible for contacting future interns, managing the cafe, performing intern assignments, ACOPIA house management (inventory) and others. As an expression of gratitude, ACOPIA will offer interns 10, 000 won as transportation fee each day they perform duty staff work. The work days are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with one hour lunch break.



ACOPIA House (Accommodation)


For interns who need accommodation in Seoul, you may live in ACOPIA House. The following are the available choices:


According to the guidance of the Immigration Bareau, we require our interns at ACOPIA to live in ACOPIA Share house. 

However, if you are an exchange student in South Korea and have offered the university room, there is no need to stay at ACOPIA Share house.


Share house (Female only)

- Bed in Single room: 700,000 won/month

- Bed in Double room: 550,000 won/month per person

- Bed in Triple room: 500,000 won/month per person

※ Women only

※ Amount includes rent, entrance fee, utility bills, wifi and internet.

※ All rooms are furnished with bed, desk, chair, drawer and air conditioner.

※ There is a living room, kitchen, television, laundry machine, water purifier, clothes rack, vacuum cleaner and computer for public use.


Boarding house

- Breakfast, dinner, 1 room for 1 person

- Private room with shared bathroom or private bathroom

- The price range is between 400,000won and 700,000 won per month. It depends on which boarding house you will live in.

- You have to pay a commission fee for finding boarding house. It costs 400,000won.

※ Amount includes rent, breakfast, dinner, entrance fee, utility bill, wifi and internet.

※ All rooms are furnished with bed, desk, chair

※ Some boarding houses may require additional fee for air-condition use during summer: If monthly electricity bill reaches or goes more than 100,000won, tenants are responsible to split and pay the bill. (Normally the bill does not go more than 50,000won)


※For Share house, there is an additional administrative fee of 200,000won for a stay fewer than 3 months.


Note1: The above fees include accommodation, arrangement for accommodation, and others

Note2: The number of residents in ACOPIA Share House is limited. In case of unavailable slot, we recommend living in the Boarding house.

Note3: You have to pay full fee for your stay before you enter a room in Share house. If you live in Boarding house, you have to pay for first month to reserve your room. 


Reservation and Deposit

- 300,000 KRW of the TOTAL amount should be paid in advance to confirm reservation at ACOPIA House. In case of cancellation, this deposit will not be refunded. 

- Intern applicants who will stay at ACOPIA House must complete payment of deposit within one month of their initial application.


Method of payment


- Upon application for ACOPIA House, interns are required to pay the deposit fee within 1 month from initial application date. Failure to do so will mean cancellation of your application. You can either pay with PayPal or by bank transfer. 

A. Bank transfer
             Bank name: Kookmin Bank
             Account name: Asia Hope Camp Organization
             Account number: 009968-11-009776
             Swift Code: CZNBKRSEXXX
             Address: Kwanghwamun Branch 167, Naesoo-Dong, Jongro-Gu, Seoul 101-719 Korea
             Tel. 82-2-732-9301, Fax. 82-2-725-8359

B. Paypal


Important Reminders


- There were previous instances of intern applicants not showing up for the internship after internship documents have been completed and invitation letter has been sent. Due to this, ACOPIA takes precaution when providing invitation letter for intern's visa. Additional conditions may apply for those who need a visa invitation.

- Interns must submit a copy of their visa and passport(biographical page) on the day of orientation to the internship.

- The intern is responsible for availing a travel or medical insurance valid for the entire duration of internship.

- Intern applicants must complete all procedures within one month of their initial application. Otherwise, the internship application will be cancelled.

★★★Please check this below rules and regulations regarding internship and housing.

ACOPIA Intern Rules and Regulations.docx
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ACOPIA Share House Rules and Regulations
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Click button to learn about previous and current interns' experience at ACOPIA