Hiroba Lounge 1 to 1 Korean Class





Hiroba Lounge has received a lot of Japanese people who want to take 1 to 1 Korean lessons. Our aim is to help more foreigners learn Korean language. Since June 2016, we have also opened Korean class for non-Japanese. 



Why is our Korean class special?


Personalized classes

The level and pace of the class is adjusted according to your own level. 


Flexible time table 

There are many time slots available. You can choose classes that fit your schedule.


Quality and affordability 

Korean classes normally cost at least 25,000 won per hour. In Hiroba Lounge, we offer a personalized, affordable and quality class at 10,000 won per hour.


Friendly and enthusiastic teachers

Our volunteer teachers are committed to help you learn and improve Korean. Students in Hiroba have provided good feedback about our teachers. 


We offer different time slots for the Korean classes. Whether you are a student, worker, parent, etc., you may find a time slot that fits your busy schedule.

  • The minimum number of hours per week is 2 hours.
  • It is required to pre-book for the class at least one month in advance.
  • The classes are offered from Monday to Saturday. There are no classes on Sunday.



















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Tuition fee

  • 10,000 KRW per hour

*The minimum number of class hours per week is 2 hours.








From Hongik University Station exit 3 (Subway Line 2), it is about 10 minutes walk from the station.


This district is well known for being the district of youth. You will be surrounded by restaurants, museums and shops. 

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