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Upon completion of the form, camp applicants are required to send the deposit fee in 48 hours in order to confirm participation in the camp. Intern applicants, on the other hand, must pay the deposit fee once he/she confirmed of pursuing the internship program and once he/she has clarified all necessary information. Housing payment must be completed before arrival in Korea. Please refer to our terms below before paying.

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Administrative Fee

All interns must pay an administrative fee in order to make their internship at Asia Hope Camp Organization. 

300 (administrative fee) + 300 * 0.044 + 0.30 (transaction fee taken by Paypal that has to be shouldered by you)


Additional Fee (Less than 3 months internship)

All interns who are doing an internship for a period of less than 3 months have to pay an additional fee of 200 USD.

200 + 200 * 0.044 + 0.30 (transaction fee taken by Paypal that has to be shouldered by you)


SHAREHOUSE 1 Triple room & SHAREHOUSE 2 Quadruple Room (per month/per person)

500 (rent) + 500 * 0.044 + 0.30 (transaction fee taken by Paypal that has to be shouldered by you)


SHAREHOUSE 1 Double room & SHAREHOUSE 2 Double Room (per month/per person)

550 (rent) + 550 * 0.044 + 0.30 (transaction fee taken by Paypal that has to be shouldered by you)


SHAREHOUSE 1 Single room (per month/per person)

700 (rent) + 700 * 0.044 + 0.30 (transaction fee taken by Paypal that has to be shouldered by you)


[JAPAN] Kaidan residence Double Room and Triple Room


[JAPAN] Kaidan residence Single Room

1100 (rent) + 1100 * 0.044 + 0.30 (transaction fees taken by Paypal have to be shouldered by you)



※ Please select the option for your intended room type, and adjust the amount according to your intended duration of stay.

※ If there will be an excess to the payment that you will have to make, this amount will be refunded to you upon your arrival in Korea.

※ Deposit fee is non-refundable. Only housing fees are refundable.

※※ You need to pay in full for your accommodation before you can stay in a room.


2018 K-pop Camp Deposit

The program is a short-term, K-POP concentrated camp where you can fully immerse yourself in Korean culture, while getting firsthand lessons in K-pop singing and dance.

You will also get the chance to visit the art schools where our K-pop idols have attended, explore the city of Seoul, go on a fun adventure at Lotte World, tour an entertainment company in Korea and so much more!



Terms and Conditions


By using our website and deciding to participate in any of our programs, you express your agreement to Asia Hope Camp Organization’s Terms and Conditions. 



You agree to provide true, complete and accurate information. If you are a minor (age 17 and below), you are required to obtain consent from your parents or guardians. Participants of our programs are requested to give their review/report after the camp. By participating in our programs, you give us the right to post your review alongside related images from the finished programs on our website and other social media accounts.


Use of our services/Participating in our programs

You agree to take responsibility on checking all the information especially of the services you pay for/procure from our website, and on providing only true and accurate information. Any losses or damages caused by not doing so will not be Asia Hope Camp Organization’s responsibility. 


Payments and Cancellations

Payments for our services can be made through the following: Bank transfer or Paypal. You are required to pay the deposit fee or full payment in order to make a reservation at the ACOPIA Share House. If you choose to pay via bank transfer, you must pay within 48 hours. You are responsible for paying the transaction fee/s that will be incurred during the process of the bank transfer. A copy of the receipt of your payment/s must be sent to our e-mail address, We will reply and confirm your participation once your payment has been received. Please wait for our confirmation before booking for flight tickets or making any travel plans. The deposit fee is used to ensure availability of a slot, to reserve a room and to obtain other services we provide. Once the deposit fee has been sent, a refund cannot be claimed. We only give refund to Housing payments. Failure to pay the deposit or full payment before the deadline will result in the cancellation of reservation and the entire internship application. 


Flight Booking and Travel Documents 

Participants of our programs must be responsible for booking their own flights.  It is also the participants' responsibility to acquire necessary travel documents such as passport and visa. The organization will not be responsible for changes in flight status and it will not provide support in acquiring visas and other related documents. Inability to acquire and/or comply with any of the travel requirements will not be our responsibility and such will end in the cancellation of the entire internship application. 


Travel Insurance

Participants of our programs are also required to avail their own travel/medical insurance. You acknowledge that insurance coverage is not covered by your participation fee.


Changes in Terms

Asia Hope Camp Organization has the right to change the contents of its Terms and Conditions. As participants to its programs, you agree that it is your responsibility to regularly review the organization's website and its Terms and Conditions.