The international work camp began in Europe (France), about 100 years ago, when it was ruined immediately after World War I..

100 years later, it is now Asia, not Europe, where we need service.

The Asia Hope Camp Organization's international work camps are held in 15 Asian countries.

ACOPIA Cafe 2017.07.06
ACOPIA Cafe 2017.07.06

Asia Hope Camp Group(ACOPIA) consists of Asia Hope Camp Organization(ACO)

Korea Japan Society and Culture Forum(KJ Forum) and Korea Plaza Hiroba.


Korea Plaza Hiroba is an corporation to conduct the international exchange programs which KJ Forum and Asia Hope Camp Organization hold. It is established to make the income and expense of them transparent and to clarify the taxation. Korea Plaza Hiroba helps the independence of KJ Forum and Asia Hope Camp Organization and make the budget clear. Korea Plaza Hiroba do manage Fairtrade, support for Japaneses in Korea, international exchange business and tourist business. It is a social enterprise. The three organizations use and share one bank account named ACO.


Asia Hope Camp Organization

It is an organization that is registered as a non profit organization (NGO) and carries out international work camp in various Asian countries including Korea and Japan. We carry out multicultural cooperative volunteer activities and Korean wave propagation volunteer activities, carry out national volunteer relay, international cooperation business and fair trade. The International Work Camp sponsored by the Asia Hope Camp Organization is planned in cooperation with Asian partner organizations, but it is not a "school trip". The Asian Hope Camp Organization plans roughly and recruits participants, but the activities of the camp period are filled with the voluntary activities and self-responsibility of each participant.

Korea-Japan Society Culture Forum


It was registered in 1999 as a non-profit organization (NGO). It is a convention organization of Asia Hope Camp Organization. The Korea-Japan Society Culture Forum hosts various forums such as the Korea-Japan Journalists Forum to realize mutual understanding between Korea and Japan. We collaborate with Japanese autonomous governments, NGOs and NPO, focusing on practical mutual understanding and interaction. We also promote cultural exchange between Korea and Japan through internships, volunteering, and homestay programs.

Korea-Japan Future Forum



This is one of the programs hosted by the Korea-Japan Forum. We talk about the future generations of the next generation, not the ones that are produced by the older generation. We establish and implement realistic and sustainable plans for establishing mutual understanding and establishing trust in Korea.


We gather together in Korea or Japan and discuss the topic of Korea-Japan youth volunteering and fair trade in Asia. The action plan drawn up through the Korea-Japan Future Forum leads to the Asian Hope Camp.

Korea Plaza Hiroba


It is a corporation company that manages the international exchange business hosted by the Asia Hope Camp Organization. Korea Plaza Hiroba helps the Asian Hope Camp Organization to become self-reliant and transparently accounts for profitable projects. Korea Plaza Hiroba is a joint-stock company registered as an overseas travel agent (Tourism Business Registration No. 2014-58), and in accordance with Article 5 of the Immigration Rules under Article 18 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Tourism Promotion Act.

Fairtrade Seoul


Fair Trade Seoul is the name of the Fair Trade Movement, one of the international cooperation activities organized by the Asian Hope Camp Organization. The Republic of Korea's Fair Trade Center, the world's first commercial trading hub, aims to establish fair trade and international collaboration in Korea, and realize fair trade. The Fair Trade Seoul began in February 2015. The campaign began in April 2015. Asian students strived to sell agricultural products and crafts from the Asian agricultural and livestock farms in Asia. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q Can a non-profit organization get a participation fee from a participant?  

→ Yes, it can. Yes, it must.  

→ Can civil servants work for people or citizens without pay?
"For profit" refers to the distribution of members' interests by pursuing the economic benefits of their members (shareholders, etc.). A company that is a profit organization is a system in which a shareholder (stockholder) invests and operates a company, raises profits, and distributes it to its shareholders. Here, a member does not mean an employee (employee).

On the other hand, "nonprofit" means "non-distribution" that does not distribute profits to members (members, etc.) even if the group gains profits. That is to say, "nonprofit" does not mean that you should not raise profits. You can explain that even if profit is generated, you do not distribute it to members but use it as an expense to achieve the purpose of the organization's activities. The purpose of a group is to be a nonprofit organization. In the case of the Asia Hope Camp Organization, it is the reason why the world youths in Korea, Japan and Asia realize international cooperation through multicultural coexistence through volunteerism and exchange. It is irrelevant to any religion or sect.

Non-profit organizations are organizations that have the goal of achieving a social mission, as opposed to an organization whose purpose is to profit. Therefore, it is misunderstanding (misunderstanding) to occur that the notion that nonprofit organization should not receive participation fee and labor costs or should not pay personnel expenses. Just as we can not live without food, non-profit organizations without income do not exist. The college receives the tuition and gives the salaries to the professors. The church receives the donation, gives the salary to the pastor, the office worker receives the salary, and the public servants and the members of the parliament receive the salary as well. For example, one of the leading non-profit organizations, the YMCA, operates hotels and academies. Governments, universities, and churches are nonprofit organizations, each of which has a strong income source. Many non-profit private organizations misunderstand that they operate as government grants, but the reality is not at all.



Q Where is the participation fee used? 

→ Monthly operations. 

→ In addition to the amount of money that is used for public service purposes such as commuting expenses, lunch fees, etc., where are most salaries used? 

The participation fee of the members participating in each program is used as group operation expenses (rent, personnel expenses, etc.) in addition to the actual expenses of the program. The Secretariat is assisted by volunteers from Japan, Asia and Europe. There are no government grants or donations. 



Do you have a lot of income from work camps in many Asian countries and all over Japan?

→ As mentioned above, the income of nonprofit organizations, whether they are huge or deficit, is not a problem in itself. The problem is how to use the income. 

→ Civil servants take taxes from all citizens. Isn't the income huge?

The Asian Hope Camp is operating every year, and it is difficult to operate. 


Q So why continue?  

→ It is a bright and worthy dream. 

→ Why don't you open up restaurants and billiards venues, if civil servants are suffering from poor pay? 

The Asia Hope Camp Organization is an organization that supports intercultural symbiosis and mutual understanding among young people from Korea, Japan, Asia and other countries, and supports the most brilliant multicultural society in Korea and Japan. 


Why do you want to pay for the overseas tour program?

→ Why don't we arrange for the international exchange event organized by City Hall instead of doing it directly?

Korea Plaza Hiroba Co., Ltd. is a corporation that hosts an international exchange program hosted by the Asian Hope Camp Organization. The Korea Plaza Hiroba supports the independence of Asia's Hope Camp and makes transparent accounting processes transparent. The Korea Plaza Hiroba is listed as a ‘ tourist business registration number 2016 ’ and is joined by the Korea Tourism Organization's Association of Travel Credit Associations pursuant to Article 5 of the Enforcement Regulations of Article 18 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Enforcement Regulations of the Tourism Promotion Act. Doctors prescribe medicine to doctors and overseas trips to overseas travelers.

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The international work camp began in Europe (France), about 100 years ago, when it was ruined immediately after World War I..

100 years later, it is now Asia, not Europe, where we need service.

The Asia Hope Camp Organization's international work camps are held in 15 Asian countries.


【Definition of Terms and Names】

※Korea-Japan and Society Culture Forum

Established in 1999, it is registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea.
※Korea Japan Forum

Because the name of the organization is long, we shortened it for better reading.
※Asia Hope Camp Organization

Apart from the Korea-Japan Forum, it is a non-profit organization founded in 2012. We organize international volunteer work camp and fair trade.
※Korea Plaza Hiroba

It is the company name of another company which is different from Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum. We are engaged mainly in exchange project of Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum.
※Fair Trade Seoul

It is one of activities of the Asian desired camp organization. It is the name of a fair trade store operated by Korea Plaza Hiroba.