About 100 years ago, international work camps were introduced in Europe, particularly in France. However, everything that was created for this project got destroyed after World War I. 100 years later, the international work camp is brought and introduced to Asia and is being expanded in the continent's various countries. One of the organizations that is facilitating such a camp is the Asia Hope Camp Organization. Asia Hope Camp Organization's international work camps are held in 15 different Asian countries.

ACOPIA Cafe 2017.07.06
ACOPIA Cafe 2017.07.06

Asia Hope Camp Group(ACOPIA) consists of Asia Hope Camp Organization(ACO)

Korea Japan Society and Culture Forum(KJ Forum) and Korea Plaza Hiroba.


Korea Plaza Hiroba is a corporation that offers youth international exchange programs that are facilitated and organized by KJ Forum and Asia Hope Camp Organization. It is particularly established to manage the income and expense of KJ Forum and ACO and provide transparency by providing proper documentation on the tax that these two organizations incur. Korea Plaza Hiroba serves like a parent corporation that backs KJ Forum and Asia Hope Camp Organization so that they can independently exist. Korea Plaza Hiroba runs and administers Fair trade, provides support to Japanese citizens in Korea, and carries out international exchange business and tourist business. Together with KJ Forum and Asia Hope Camp Organization, Korea Plaza Hiroba is a social enterprise. These three organizations use and share one bank account named ACO.


Asia Hope Camp Organization

Asia Hope Camp Organization (ACO) is registered as a non profit organization (NGO) and carries out international work camp in various Asian countries including Korea and Japan. The organization organizes and facilitates multicultural volunteer activities and Korean wave propagation volunteer activities, national volunteer relays, international cooperation businesses and fair trades. The international work camp sponsored by the Asia Hope Camp Organization is planned in cooperation with Asian partner organizations, but this is not and should not be considered a "school trip". Asia Hope Camp Organization thoroughly recruits and chooses participants in its programs, but the activities of the camps and other related events are organized and planned through the help and efforts of the volunteers and participants.



Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum

Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum (KJ Forum) was registered in 1999 as a non-governmental organization (NGO). It is serves as a convention arm of the Asia Hope Camp Organization. The Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum hosts various meetings and conventions, such as the Korea-Japan Journalists Forum, to realize mutual understanding between Korea and Japan. We collaborate with Japanese autonomous governments, NGOs and non-profit organizations (NPOs), focusing on practical mutual understanding and interaction. We also promote cultural exchange between Korea and Japan through internships, volunteer, and home-stay programs.



Korea-Japan Future Forum


Korea-Japan Future Forum is one of the programs hosted by the KJ Forum. During this forum, we discussed about the future of the next generation, not just the ones that are created by the older generations. Realistic and sustainable plans were crafted in thought of being implemented for the pursuit of establishing mutual understanding and trust in Korea.


Individuals gathered together in Korea or Japan and discussed the topic of Korea-Japan youth volunteering and fair trade in Asia. The action plan drawn up from the Korea-Japan Future Forum is brought to and realized in the Asian Hope Camp.



Korea Plaza Hiroba


Korea Plaza Hiroba is a corporation that manages the international exchange businesses hosted by ACO. Korea Plaza Hiroba helps ACO in being an independent organization and it transparently accounts for the latter's profitable projects. Korea Plaza Hiroba is a joint-stock company registered as an overseas travel agent with Tourism Business Registration No. 2014-58, and is in compliance with Article 5 of the Immigration Rules under Article 18 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Tourism Promotion Act.

Fair Trade Seoul

Fair Trade Seoul is the name of the Fair Trade Movement that is organized by the Asia Hope Camp Organization geared towards building international cooperation. The Republic of Korea's Fair Trade Center, the world's first commercial trading hub, aims to establish fair trade and international collaboration in Korea. The Fair Trade Seoul began in February 2015 while the campaign started in April 2015. Asian students sold agricultural products and crafts from agricultural and livestock farms in Asia. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q Can a non-profit organization get/receive participation fees from its participants?  

→ Yes, it can. Yes, it must. Non-profit organizations rely on such fees to run their programs.  

A "for profit" corporation is an organization that is geared towards earning profit through its operations and is concerned with its own interests as well as its members/shareholders'. It is a system in which a shareholder (stockholder) invests and operates a company, raises profits, and distributes these profits to its shareholders. Here, a member does not mean an employee (employee). 


On the other hand, a "non-profit" organization is a company formed to pursue a common not-for-profit goal or a goal without the intention of distributing excess revenues/profits to members and/or stakeholders. It is an organization dedicated in striving to achieve certain social causes and it uses the profits it gains to attain their purposes/missions through the activities and programs it facilitates.


Such is the aim of the Asia Hope Camp Group (ACOPIA) - to operate as a non-profit organization to achieve certain causes. As for Asia Hope Camp Organization, it gathered and called on youths from Korea, Japan and other countries in Asia in order to build international cooperation and multicultural coexistence among them through volunteerism and exchange activities. 


Non-profit organizations are organizations that have the goal of achieving a social mission as opposed to for profit organizations whose purpose is to profit. Therefore, the notion/idea that nonprofit organization should not receive participation fees and labor costs or should not pay personnel expenses is wrong. Just as we can not live without food, non-profit organizations cannot operate and exist without income. Examples of non-profit organizations are churches, which have a strong income source coming from the donations and offering given by attendees and other people. One of the leading non-profit organizations is the YMCA which actually operates and manages various hotels and academies.  


Q Where is the participation fee used? 

→ Such fee is used in the non-profit organizations' regular operations. 


The participation fees paid for the organization's programs and activities are used in regular operations of the organizations, including transportation expenses, food allowance (usually during field work or tasks related to organizing programs/activities), rents, and other expenses that may be incurred in pursuit of providing public/client service. In ACOPIA, although there is a limited number of staff, the Secretariat is assisted by volunteers from different countries around the globe, particularly from Asia and Europe. The organization does not receive any grants or donations from the government. 


Do you receive a big sum or gain a huge income from work camps you organize in many Asian countries, particularly in Japan?

→ It depends. But as mentioned above, the income of nonprofit organizations, whether they are huge or small, does not really matter as it does not create a problem. The problem is how to use the income properly and purposefully. 


The Asian Hope Camp organizes activities and plans various programs all-year round, and because of this, managing its operations is quite difficult. 


Q So why continue?  

→ Its mission is such dream worthy to fulfill and turn into reality. 


The Asia Hope Camp Organization is an organization that supports intercultural symbiosis and mutual understanding among young people from Korea, Japan, Asia and other countries.



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【Definition of Terms and Names】

※Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum

Established in 1999, it is registered under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea.

※Korea Japan Forum (KJ Forum)

Since the name of Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum is long, we shortened it for better recall.

※Asia Hope Camp Organization

Together with the Korea-Japan Forum, it is a non-profit organization founded in 2012. It organizes international volunteer work camps and fair trades.

※Korea Plaza Hiroba

It is the parent company of Korea-Japan Forum and Asia Hope Camp Organization and helps the two organizations to be independent. This organization is engaged mainly in exchange projects of Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum.


※Fair Trade Seoul

It is one of activities of the Asia Hope Camp Organization. It is the name of the fair trade store operated by Korea Plaza Hiroba.