Satomi Shimada (Japan)

(Yokohama City, International University of Science and Technology)

I decided to apply for this internship because I wanted to work with people from different cultures and actually wanted to work overseas. After my experience as a volunteer in New Zealand last summer I realized the importance of the people who work organizing this kind of programs. I thought back then that I would like to work organizing volunteer programs and internships around the world. This time I chose the Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum.


My main duties during the internship were planning and collecting information regarding the camps. In addition, along with other members of the staff, we conducted group internships on the Internet. Since I was taking a class about multimedia information at the university, I was able to use my knowledge to create the Ameba blog. I began to realize how to implement the things I have learned so far at the university and which other courses I need to take in advance. Since my internship lasted only one month, I worked full time from 8:50 to 18:00 on weekdays. I felt very tired for the first week but from the second week I got used to and I was able to do my work at my own pace. From September 14th to 16th it was something like "Oseon" called "Chuseok" (Korean thanksgiving) so we didn`t have to work during that period.

What I learned through the internship


While I was in college I had been using the PC for event planning and public relations for a year and a half, so basic computer skills were no problem. On the other hand, I did not know some basic business skills, such as how to properly send business e-mails. I learned how to prepare easy-to-grasp e-mails for messages and a brief reply method for inquiring e-mails.


Currently I am majoring in environmental studies at the university. I think that what I learnt during my internship will help me in dealing with environmental issues within East Asian countries. I believe that the social and cultural experiences had in the organization and the knowledge I acquired will help me develop my future career.