Ayaka Tsukamoto

(Kanda University of International Studies, Korean Language Department~ exchange student at Kyunghee University)

Since I`m already in the 3rd year of University, I started to be concern about getting a job when i go back to Japan. I felt that I needed to gain some experience. My courses at the university were going well so I decided to apply for this internship at Hiroba.


During my internship I was involved in the creation of K - POP camps and I also volunteered as a teacher assistant of Japanese language classes held at the Resident Center once a week. The classes are conducted by Hiroba interns. My job consisted in supporting them during conversation and pronunciation practice. It was difficult for me to teach Japanese for the first time, but I took two lessons about teaching methods and contents about teaching Japanese in an easy-to-understand manner. The job was very rewarding and it made me happy to see the participants were more interested in Japanese and Japan than anything else.

Since the plan was already completed for the K - POP camp, I was mainly in charge of promoting the camp and creating the schedule. I also accompanied the participants during the camp. Even though it was a challenging situation for me, I had a very valuable experience. In addition, I was able to practice Korean and English. One of my tasks during the camp was being an interpreter between Korean and Japanese. There was also a student from United States so I could practice my English. There were times where I felt I that my language skills were insufficient so I have decided to improve my language skills in the near future. Even though sometimes I felt mentally and physically tired, haring the word "fun" from the participants made me feel happy. I`m thankful to all the participants, we had a great time together.