Shunki Tamai (Japan)

(Rikkyo University, Faculty of Contemporary Psychology ~ exchange student at Yonsei University)

My name is Shun Tamai, I`m an exchange student at Yonsei University. I`ve been working as an intern in Asia Hope Camp Organization since September 2016. I decided to apply for this internship because I wanted to experience extracurricular activities in Korea while improving my Korean. Furthermore, since I will start searching for a job when I go back to Japan, I believe an internship abroad is a good way to start my professional career.


There are three things I would like to point out about my participation in Asia Hope Camp Organization. First of all, the Camps in Japan, especially designed to make Korean people experience local Japanese culture. During this camps people can get to know a part of the country that they will not be able to see if they come as tourist. My daily activities during my internship included getting in touch with Japanese organizations and preparing the schedule for the camps.


Second, my participation in the program "Multicultural Symbiosis" where I had the opportunity to interact with Korean students and listen to their opinions about today`s education and future.

Third, my participation as a team leader in the "Kumamoto Camp". This Camp is designed to show Korean traditions and culture to people who came from the Japanese city of Kumamoto. During the camp, the participants attended a tea ceremony, visited a traditional Korean village and experience Korean traditional clothes.


During my internship at Asia Hope Camp Organization I felt the importance of cultural exchange. There are many thing about a country and its people that you will never know until you trully experience the local life. As an intern I think the more rewarding thing we can do is to promote understanding between Japan and South Korea.