Hong Ribekaha (Japan)

(Aichi Shukutoku University, School of Exchange and Culture)

Although my internship lasted only two months, from June to August 2016, I became very close to the interns at Korea Plaza Hiroba.


I was born and raised in Japan, but as a second generation of Koreans I have been familiar with Korean culture since my childhood. While I entered college and learned about Korea, multicultural society, intercultural exchange I started to feel that I would not be able to help Japan-Korea exchange myself. 


I came to the language education Institute of Founding College only for the summer semester. Since the classes in the language school ended in the morning I thought that I could use my free time to do something else and I came across the internet with the page for intern’s recruitment of Korea Plaza Hiroba. As soon as i saw the contents of the activities of Korea Plaza Hiroba I though "This is It!" and decided to apply for an internship.

My job was mainly the planning of the Japanese work camp, support of weekend volunteer activities, and the leading of K-POP camp. During my internship I learned that it is necessary not only to cope with the difficulties of planning but also that the projects are being carried out with the cooperation of many people, and that we value of trust of those people matters more than anything else.


During the K - POP camp, I acted as an interpreter between the students from Japan and the teachers and students of the Art high school. At first I found it difficult, but at the same time it encouraged me to improve my Korean. I have been particularly impressed in the K-pop camp. Japanese students who participated in the camp and students from Korean Art High School had a very happy time with each other. Although they spent a lot of time together, they were not able to speak both Korean and Japanese fluently. However, they talked to each other using words and gestures. Given the difficulties that exist between both countries, when I saw that all the students enjoyed the time together, my heart became very bright and I was glad of having participated in the internship.