Ayumi Iwayanagi (Japan)

(Yamanashi Prefectural University, Department of International Communication, Faculty of International Policy)

Back home, I did my first year as a student of trade at Samo Education School. After my year in Korea will I start searching for a job. In order to have some experience working abroad I decided to intern for Asia Hope Camp Organization. My job consisted mainly in Japanese camp planning, support weekend volunteer activities and participating in Gochang camp.


Among the weekend volunteer activities I joined two types of multicultural coexistence programs and the weekend Hallyu Camp. Participating in these programs as an intern was a very rewarding experience.  

At Gochang camp, we participated in different activities, such as volunteer activities in rural areas and exchange with elementary school children in the village. We shared time with Korean middle and high school students and foreign interns from France and the Philippines. Despite being a student in Korea, there are few opportunities to interact and communicate with Koreans other than school so I`m glad i could participate in the camp.


Through this internship, I learned things about the society and culture of Korea that I cannot learn at school. I have also gained working experience. I hope to make good use of what I learned here for my future job hunting and other activities. I am thankful to the president of the organization and to the staff and interns. Thank you very much.